RICHARDSONS is a boutique property management firm comprised of carefully selected owners, properties, and guests. Every home we care for is treated as one of our own. We manage and maintain your home to unyielding and exemplary standards and will allow for nothing less.
We ensure that every fold is straightened, edge sharpened, furniture polished, and all is at the ready for both you and your guests. There is no exception. We WILL deliver the best property management and guest care experience in Puerto Vallarta. We have a job and a passion to care for everything regarding your property. As an owner you will enjoy your home as it is meant to be; a holiday, a respite, and a sanctuary. Allow Richardsons to pursue rentals, look after your guests, and do the chores. With Richardsons, your vacation home is truly a vacation.
Our Job is to take care of all details regarding operation and maintenance of your home.
   Day to day management of your property.    Weekly walk-thru and inspection. We report any potential issues to you and rectify them asap.    Administrative Assistance with local government, utilities, building managers and property administrators, etc. We are your ‘man on the ground’ for any needs, be it business or personal.    Cleaning Services. We employ a vetted, experienced, and trusted staff of home care professionals and laundry services with a keen eye for detail. Spotless and spot on!    Utility and service organization and bill payment. Managing typical operational systems such as these can be demanding, time consuming, and often difficult to do on your own in Vallarta. We have the experience to make it as easy as possible. We take care of it all so you don’t have to.    Inventory and supply management and purchasing. We work with you to determine what is wanted and/or required in your home. We monitor supplies and keep everything in stock.    Personal shopping assistance. Finding the right sofa, a new set of cutlery, or 500 count sheets, tends to not be as easy here as it may be at home. We can find it for you, arrange payment, and delivery to your home. We discuss the options with you for your approval, and take care of the rest.    Maintenance and repairs. This can be another complicated and difficult process to do on your own. Finding trusted people who will bring the work in on time and to proper standards can be a shot in the dark. Richardsons has done the work for you. Our associates are some of the best service and construction people in the city. They have done quality work at reasonable rates within the time scheduled, time and time again. Richardsons does not accept ‘mañana’ as an answer for our home or for yours. All work is presented with plans and estimates with cost and estimated completion time for your approval. We always have folks available for emergencies as well. We supervise all work and consistently update you on the progress.    Monthly financial statements. Every dollar in or dollar out is listed. It’s your money, you will always know where it’s coming from and where it’s going.    Consistent and complete communication with you regarding all aspects of your property.
We take the tedium and time out renting your property and let your property pay you!
   Potential property analysis. Upon your request we will analyze a property you are considering for its rentability and potential cost of upgrades or improvements that may or may not be needed to bring it to market.    New property set up. We go through your property with a fine tooth comb covering everything from the state of the plumbing to the number of forks in the kitchen. Even if it has been rented before. It has not been rented as a Richardsons property. We employ a labor intensive process to bring your property up to Richardsons rental standards. We present you with our findings and discuss the needs in order to list your property. Some rental agents will just swing open the doors and hope for the best. Richardsons will not list any property until it meets and exceeds our standards required to receive the very first guest. From that point forward, we maintain your property to those high standards, analyzing constantly for areas of adjustment or improvement that make our properties some of the best and most complete in the Vallarta rental market.    Property listings. Richardsons works with many of the leaders in the vacation rental industry. We will create your listing along with photography and suggest rental rates for your home. Upon your approval we go to market. Richardsons will handle every guest question, communication and query with accuracy and lighting speed. We screen all potential guest ensure quality and respectful renters.    Calendar management. We keep your calendars up to the minute to ensure more bookings and that check ins and checkouts are a seamless transition.    Property preparation and check out. Richardsons will do a walk through of your property before guest arrival to ensure that it is fully prepared to receive them. Upon check out, we will do a thorough inspection to ensure all is well. We will manage all damage deposit returns. Any noted damage or missing items will be discussed with you immediately and we will arrange for repair or replacement and compensation from guest damage deposit.    Guest communication. We will be the point of contact for all guest communication before, during, and after booked stays. We will arrange for access keys or codes to be delivered prior to arrival, and will meet your guests upon arrival to walk through the property and answer any and all questions.    Guest information. We will create a unique guest information package for your home to be sent to guests prior to their stay and placed in the property covering items such as tips about the area, how to operate appliances, where the nearest 24 hour market is, modes of transportation accessible near your property, etc. Additionally, we will create bilingual arrival sheets to assist your guests in navigating to your home and the folks who may be driving them. We fully evaluate and study your home through the eyes of your potential guests to proactively answer the most common questions and needs your guest may have about your property and their stay. We also will draw up rental contracts to be signed by all renters outlining rules, regulations, and policies.    Bookkeeping and scheduling. Every month Richardsons will provide you with a listing of all future guest trip dates and a full financial statement.